Arena Vr Headset

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Arena Vr Headset

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Delve into the world of virtual reality with the new Arena VR Headset.

Watch 3D movies, explore the galaxy, or take your VR gaming experience to the next level with the Bluetooth gaming remote.

Start your VR journey by simply downloading one of the recommended apps listed below.

The following apps are available from The App Store (for iPhones) or The Google Play Store (for Android devices):
Orbulus (free) / Discovery VR (free) / Go Karts VR (free) / DinoTrek VR (Purchase) / Google Cardboard – setup / starter VR app (free)

ABS • 20 ( l ) x 14 ( w ) x 10 ( h ) • adjustable headband • adjustable object distance • adjustable interpupillary distance • comfortable foam face protector • headphone & USB cord access holes on either side • removable front panel for ventilation • holds most 3.5″ to 6″ phones sizes • includes Bluetooth gaming remote: 12 ( l ) x 3 ( w ) x 4.8 ( h ) • Bluetooth V3.0 • 10m visible distance • supports Android & IOS


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